[thelist] Popup Position (was: Re: centering a popup window.....)

Nils Devine divinentd at rakehell.com
Wed Jan 31 20:01:48 CST 2001

>How about top= and left= rather than screenX= and screenY= ?

My understanding of the difference between them is that 'top/left' positions
the popup window relative to the monitor screen, while 'screenX/screenY'
positions it relative to the browser window, but doesn't work in IE.

So, in theory screenX would let you pop up a window 200 pixels right of the
top-left corner of the parent window, if it worked in IE. But since it
doesn't we're stuck with 200 pixels right of the top-left corner of the

The end effect is that you can be pretty sure where something is going to
pop up on your page if the user is browsing full screen (usually 800*600
res) but otherwise it's up to where they happen to have placed their window.

But it looking back you just want it centered, that shouldn't be a problem
if "screen.availWidth" works (I hadn't heard of that one, thanks!).

Pretty bloody long for a first post, but this is something I struggled with
for some time and don't mind chatting about in hopes that someone will pop
up with a solution some day.

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