[thelist] Forcing wrap in table cells

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Wed Jan 31 21:50:48 CST 2001

I've never heard of <WBR>  I tried it and it didn't work too well in ie 5.0
(it did nothing) so I looked it up.  It only has effect inside a <nobr> tag.
I may end up using this one some time.  Thanks for the heads-up!



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> >Is there an attribute to force a table cell to wrap after so many pixels,
> >even if the someone tried to fill it with hundreds of characters and no
> >space?
> No.
> You might try to use the old <WBR> tag, which means "If the browser
> it may insert a line break here". Put it between every 10 or so characters
> (if that's possible) and it will help a lot.
> ppk
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