[thelist] Old Shockwave installers

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 06:54:48 CST 2001

On Thursday, February 1, 2001, zac <zac at pixelgeek.com> said:

>so I would think that there is something in your movie that might be causing 
>the D7 version of Shockwave to blow chunks.

That wouldn't surprise me. It landed in my lap last week through a
company I used to work for. They had it built by someone in India I
think, then that company went bust and they found a load of bugs, with no
comeback. It was supposed to go to lauch this week apparently. 

They asked me if I could fix it. I haven't promised anything, but they're
kindly paying me for a week of my time to at least look at it for them.

Thing thing that I don't understand though is, if the CD has the Director
8 .dlls on it, why would the version installed on the machine make a
difference? Or do I sense a Windows thing coming up here?

>Does the movie use any embedded fonts? Or anti-aliased Text members?

Yep a whole bunch of them. It's a learning tool for teaching Spanish
children English. Lots of puzzles, crosswords that sort of thing.

>You might want to look around for older installers on old Netscape or
>Microsoft CDs.

And guess what the first things to get chucked out were when I cleaned my
office last week? *:)

>Or maybe check out the Director 7 CD to see if there is an older version of
>the installer there.

An idea I considered, but I'm running Director 8 on a Mac here. So no joy.

>As well you might want to drop a message to the DIRECT-L newsgroup (and
>check the digests at Maricopa.

I had a hunt through the Maricopa digests (used to subscribe to DIRECT-L
a while back, when I was doing more Director work) and found quite alot
of posts relating the same problem. Most of them were due to MIAW being
involved in closing themselves, hence the hunt for MIAW code. 

Looked at memory usage as well, but it doesn't appear to be leaking.

I was hoping to try and reproduce the bug before asking over on DIRECT-L.
You know how pernikety people over there can be *;)

Thanks again zac, it's good just to bounce this off someone, might stop
me going mad!


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