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> if a FAQ gets made, it'll probably be about the site and the 
> community...

Nah.  Because

1	The archive is k3w1 but it has no structure and the FAQ
	'problem' is one of people new to thelist arriving
	in order to post an FAQ.  Even though we're all talking
	to each other at (generally) supergenius level compared
	to the STDEV, an actual FAQ would (I think) be more
	like a 'Top 40' in a range of categories (CF, IIS, ASP,
	Perl, EcmaScript, yada yada yada).

2	(Really 1.5) If it's organised in that way then it
	could be edited and maintained DMoz-style.

3	The 'origins of the site' questions are more than
	adequately covered on thesite already.

I'm keenly aware that I sorta volunteered / was presganged
on this one the other week, to which end thanks, Mr R, for
giving me a good idea (namely to start off by GREPping the
tip harvester. ahem).

John Handelaar

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