[thelist] Re: Search engines and dynamic sites using query strings

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Feb 1 10:29:48 CST 2001

Hi Ben -

I think matt or joshua(?) already answered this in greater detail, but 
just wanted to let you know they're pretty much right on.

Because it is *always* in RAM, the performance of every page passing 
through a simple template isn't a big deal.. If you think about it, some 
sites build their entire site off a index.cfm(or asp or php) and append 
strings to that index.cfm page.. out case is really no different :)

Our performance is actually better than our old version of the site, 
since we took much more care to optimize our database calls(rudy) and 
cache most of the templates that build the site(jeff)

shout if you have any more questions :)


Ben Gustafson wrote:

>> of course, even though it appears to be a 4 level directory hierarchy,
>> none of those directorys(or index.html for that matter) really exist.
>> but they exist as a link on a webpage which means a spider will follow
>> it and a search engine will index it, which is our goal.
> This approach seems like it would solve the problem of always getting a 404
> error in ASP before being able to split the URL on the slashes, since the
> custom 404 page does the work. One question, though: one script (the 404
> page) basically drives the entire evolt site? Doesn't that have an adverse
> impact on server performance?

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