[thelist] Search engines and dynamic sites using query strings

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Feb 1 10:43:50 CST 2001

Hola :)

I guess it depends on how you set up the 404-thingie to be honest, like 
what you're writing it in, how you're using it etc..

The only thing I can share is a line from our access logs:

63.237.xx.xx - - [01/Feb/2001:09:19:58 -0600] "GET 

you can see that it shows up in the logs just fine, even with the URL 
that we made up, so any log analyzer(we use both webtrends and analog 
for log analyzers) will be able to report on your logs..

The only problem i've seen with this is that each request for a file is 
actually, a 404. Thus apache will treat it that way and log it as a 404 
and some analyzers will report that all of your page views were actually 
404's without some custom analyzing :)

So, to answer your quesstion, it doesn't screw up your statistics. It 
may require you to do a little tweaking to your analyzer to really 
extract those statistics in with this method though

Hope that helps, shout if you have more questions :)


Niklaus Haldimann wrote:

> hi dan.
> i just suggested to our sysadmin to setup a similar 404-thingie on our
> server, since it's been bugging me for a long time that all our URL's have
> query strings. he replied, he couldn't do it because it screws up our
> statistics (we run LiveStats). how do you solve that problem on evolt.org?
> how do you generate access reports?

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