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Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu Feb 1 10:45:48 CST 2001


I don't think it was me that answered that question, but +1 to your
observations.  Jeff and I have been developing exclusively with this
technique for about 5 months and are constantly finding new benefits to
using this technique.  Every once in a while we find some pain in the butt
problem that requires a kick butt solution, but almost always we end up
better than we started.

As far as speed issues, I've noticed very few problems on the sites we're
developing if you check the Cold Fusion debug information for the server
render time.  An average page can render in 70ms or less, which really isn't
too bad, considering we're not using neither the most powerhouse servers on
the market nor the fastest database on the market.

A thing to remember, as Dan started discussing, is that the Cold Fusion
templates are compiled in memory and cached.  That means that the first time
you visit the site after rebooting the server, the site is painfully slow,
but after the first visit it tends to be running at full speed.

I did have one question about comments though.  I heard a couple of times
that comments tend to slow down CF templates.  I would tend to question that
accuracy of that statement by stating compiler technology.  Normally, code
is compiled into PCode.  During the process comments are stripped and all
variables are reduced to 32 or 64 bit strings.  So, essentially, long
variable names and comments shouldn't slow anything down once the template
has been read the first time and compiled.  Is this an accurate observation?


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> Hi Ben -
> I think matt or joshua(?) already answered this in greater detail, but
> just wanted to let you know they're pretty much right on.
> Because it is *always* in RAM, the performance of every page passing
> through a simple template isn't a big deal.. If you think about it, some
> sites build their entire site off a index.cfm(or asp or php) and append
> strings to that index.cfm page.. out case is really no different :)
> Our performance is actually better than our old version of the site,
> since we took much more care to optimize our database calls(rudy) and
> cache most of the templates that build the site(jeff)
> shout if you have any more questions :)
> .djc.

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