[thelist] Charges for web content

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Thu Feb 1 12:36:48 CST 2001

This seems like an odd question to me.  Your department initiated the new 
server, and the migration of content, and people expect to PAY you for it????

I have never heard of a University charging its faculty or departments 
anything for any web-related work.  I HAVE heard of a University leaving 
departments on their own to develop and/or upload sites, for which the 
departments have to hire and or contract someone to do the work.

If you want to get a larger higher education audience, try posting 
University-related questions to this University Web Dev list (consists 
mostly of web professionals in US higher-learning institutions).  Here's a 
chunk of their email footer:

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At 10:28 AM 2/1/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Calling evolters (especially those who have experience in a higher
>education setting),
>We've just purchased a new web server and will be consolidating a lot of
>content from our older web servers. However, the first question people
>ask me, when they hear about the migration and storing their content on
>the new website, is how much it'll cost them. We've never charged them
>before on the old servers and I assumed that we wouldn't start now.
>Nevertheless, it's become an issue that I've been assigned to research.
>You're my first resource. What are your expriences with charging for web
>space, especially in a university setting? How much? How much space?
>Any information would help tremendously. Thanks a lot.

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