[thelist] 404s and URL strings, oh my!

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Thu Feb 1 12:59:48 CST 2001

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> Not a bad question at all.. but not sure if i'm following you 100% but 
> i'll try :)

Ugh - mindfuck.  Hang on a second....

[we apologise for the break in service; we'll be back
after this short musical interlude]


Right.  Again, I could be getting this wrong, but my
understanding of the rewrite is that once set up, the
server responds to a request for new URL by sending
new URL, and responds to a request for old URL also
by sending new URL.

If so, then your crawler page (or even just a
visiting spider) would still be able to
use all-new seemingly-argless URLs.  Provided that
your intra-site links were formatted in the new style.

Or am I wrong?

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