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Salvatore Palmisano spalmisano at usaiss.com
Thu Feb 1 14:25:48 CST 2001

Take the HTML that houses your graphics and put it in a separate file, say
buttons.html.  Make sure that page by itself displays properly, including
reference to the images directory housing your graphics.
On whatever page youd like the buttons, just include the buttons page:
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="buttons.html" -->

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Chief Information Officer
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spalmisano at usaiss.com

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Hi folks,

i wanna stop using frames on my sites 'couse they're not so professional but
full of problems...
i use to made the graphics (like menu & bars) with MacromediaFireworks4 &
then i put all together with DreamWeaver4... now i'd like to know if there's
a way to create some kind o graphics library so if i have to change
something like a link in the menu ora add a button in the bar every page
will change as well...
thanx so much by now!

Sirio, Italy.

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