[thelist] Reliable Flash detection

Mike Migurski mike at cloudfactory.org
Thu Feb 1 15:42:48 CST 2001

We've found the Flash Deployment Kit
(http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/download/deployment_kit/) to be
reliable and nearly indestructible. Combined with a little bit of backend
tweaking and a few cookies, it's part of a really tight package.


>So what's the best way to detect if a browser uses Flash? What I've been
>doing is creating a small (3 second) Flash file on the index page that says
>"Detecting Flash..." then shoots visitors off to the flash intro/section
>right away. The index page also contains a 6 second meta refresh to shoot
>visitors the non flash part of the site (since the three second flash movie
>didn't load, they must not have flash installed.) The meta tag doesn't seem
>to start counting until the flash file is fully loaded.
>I've seen a way to do it with JavaScript, but this method doesn't seem to be
>as reliable (or simple) as the one I've described above. Am I wrong?
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