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Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu Feb 1 16:00:48 CST 2001

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> From: Seth Bienek [mailto:seth at sethbienek.com]
> This is done using wildcard DNS; setting your DNS (Is it the 
> "A" record? DNS
> is not really my thing) to *.mydomain.com  will route any requests to
> whatever IP address is specified in the record, other than 
> those subdomains
> that have their own explicit "A" record.


I feel real smart right about now.

thanks Seth, figured it was something (relatively) simple....

the DNS server in Win2K is *tons* better than the supplied DNS server in
NT4. If you can, either scrap NT4's DNS for a third party, or upgrade the
box to Win2K

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