[thelist] DIVs and JavaScript in Netscape 4.76

Robert Douglas - [HIT] Studios rob at hit.co.nz
Thu Feb 1 16:09:48 CST 2001

Hey John,

It's more than possible I described the situation wrong. Sorry. It's just a
DIV of set height with another DIV inside it that uses a bit of javascript
to move up and down within the outer DIV giving the illusion that it's

The script's available from http://www.bratta.com and works real nice, but I
just want to know if you can call a javascript function from *within* a
nested DIV in Netscape (4.7 at least).

And in case you didn't figure it I have no idea of the answer to your own
question. Sorry.


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: I hate to answer with a dumb Q but does netscape allow scrolling layers?

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