[thelist] Re: Search engines and dynamic sites using query strings

Philippe J philippejadin2 at swing.be
Thu Feb 1 16:31:48 CST 2001

> As far as speed issues, I've noticed very few problems on the sites we're
> developing if you check the Cold Fusion debug information for the server
> render time.  An average page can render in 70ms or less, which really
> too bad, considering we're not using neither the most powerhouse servers
> the market nor the fastest database on the market.

Shouldn't it be possible to cache the final page to disk? That's what I'm
trying to do (with php though). The original page generation takes 70-30
msec, and when the complete page is cached to disk, it only takes 1-2 msec
to render (I guess it's as fast as a static pure html page).

Anyway my question is : could this 404 trick be used with php, appache (and
windows?... hum hum)?

> A thing to remember, as Dan started discussing, is that the Cold Fusion
> templates are compiled in memory and cached.  That means that the first
> you visit the site after rebooting the server, the site is painfully slow,
> but after the first visit it tends to be running at full speed.

Does anyone knows if this caching in memory exists also in php?

Thanks !


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