[thelist] Easy changes...

Adrian Thompson adeythom at well.com
Thu Feb 1 16:42:48 CST 2001

Dreamweaver has a library function built in, doesn't it? (Look on the 
Windows menu, under Library)

Quote from DW's online documentation:
"Libraries are a way to store page elements such as images, text, and other 
objects that you want to reuse or update frequently throughout your Web 
site. These elements are called library items.

When you place a library item in a document, Dreamweaver inserts a copy of 
the HTML source code for that item into the document, and adds an HTML 
comment containing a reference to the original, external item. The 
reference to the external library item makes it possible to update the 
content on an entire site all at once by changing the library item and then 
using the update commands in the Modify > Library submenu. "

Should do the job!


Adrian Thompson

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