[thelist] Table background problem solved!

Charles Johnson cfj at mac.com
Thu Feb 1 21:55:37 CST 2001

For anyone who was following the problem I was having at:


where a table cell background image (set in the TD tag) was not displaying
in Netscape under Windows NT and 2K. Lots of you chimed in to help, and I
want to say a sincere thanks to you guys.

The problem has been solved with a tip from Andrew Clover on the webdesign-l
list, who suggested making the GIF image I was using for the background
"bigger." The original was 8x33 pixels. I increased the size to 256x128 and
there was that background image, big, fat, and beeyootiful.

We're having a party at Little Green Footballs tonight, if any of you guys
want to stop by...

Charles F. Johnson
Little Green Footballs Web Design

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