[thelist] Help! On-Line Payment Processing

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Feb 1 22:00:37 CST 2001

Forgive me, this has been around once or twice in the past, but I need
fresh info.

I am building a site for an historic (originally opened in 1905 with an
interesting history, www.academyofmusictheatre.org is the current site
if you are interested) theater restoration/new operation site.  During
the next two years of restoration, there is a need to accept donation
pledges/payments.  Then as the restoration is completed and operations
begin, on-line ticket sales will be added.  My request is two fold:

1) I have worked with Card Services International, Virtual LinkPoint.  I
have looked hard at VeriSign's PayFlow solutions (nice to have certs and
gateway in one package, but seems pricey).  I have researched some of
the other payment gateway solutions.  I am looking for feedback on
experience with different solutions and providers.  Ease of setup,
coding requirements, cost, etc.  Any insights would be greatly

2) Directions to good scripts for donations and/or ticket sales via
on-line transaction, or working scripts you are willing to share, would
be a nice jump start for this project.

Thanks in advance.

Ron D.

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