[thelist] Suggestions for a WYSIWYG editor for a web dummy?

Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Thu Feb 1 22:41:37 CST 2001

Hi all. Maybe someone can think of a clever solution here.

I use Dreamweaver for page creation, as the webmaster.

But there are a handful of people throughout other departments
who sporadically add or update content on the website
(careers, training courses, etc) and then I integrate it from
one web to the destination web, and then FTP it remote.

Here's the question: The people editing these pages are pretty-much
web dummies, and they are using Frontpage. The problem is Frontpage
adds those _vti_cnf folders by default, and so I then go through
and delete them.

Can anyone suggest a WYSIWYG editor for web novices
which does not add any new tags or folders to the web structure,
that can be used for merely taking an existing page, making some
changes and saving as a new file? Also, if it is
all the better so the corporation doesn't have to spend money on it, unless

Thanks alot,

<tip>If you do not want Microsoft Frontpage to add its proprietary
coding to every webpage edited in the application, go into the preferences
and uncheck the selection for preserving existing html. It's a little
but if the preserve existing html is checked, then it will preserve the
html and add the annoying code.</tip>
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