[thelist] Multiple (old) versions of MSIE...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 2 01:46:37 CST 2001

> From: Ben Buchanan <b.buchanan at mailbox.gu.edu.au>
> Question regarding setting up a testbed for old browsers (don't ask why, I 
> just have to, ok? :))

well, you have no reason to qualify it... all developers should have 
browsers for testing, including old ones...

> MSIE doesn't seem to allow old versions to remain in existence; ie. if you 
> install v2 and v3, you can not actually get v2 to run - even if you click 
> on the .exe it will load the most recent version. This is irritating to say 
> the least, although I can understand why it was probably set up that way. 
> Anyone know a way around this problem?

this has been asked a bunch of times, and the answer is pretty 
simple... no.

variations on that answer include having multiple installs of 
windows, with a different browser install for each one, and keeping 
some machines handy with the older browser...  i've even heard 
people suggest using things like VMWare to get the multiple OS 
thing going on...

> I was going to use Browserola (http://www.codo.com/browserola/), but it's 
> abandonware that you can't buy anymore (damn).

and it can't reproduce the true experience, only mimic documented 

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