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Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Fri Feb 2 03:14:37 CST 2001

Hi, List !

For browser testing, I am using vmware (http://www.vmware.com) .
Lets you run any windows (from 3.1 to 2000) inside a Linux box on x86
You should really try it out, as you can install as many windows as you
want. Want 5 different version of IE ?
Install five Windows !

You have to run it on a fat computer, as it is quite a resource hog, but
I enjoy having total control over my Windows setup :) I tamed the beast

Gee, it's like having a mainframe @home.

There's a free demo available.

If you are into free software, there's http://www.plex86.org under GPL.

see ya !


aardvark a écrit :
> > From: Ben Buchanan <b.buchanan at mailbox.gu.edu.au>
> [...]
> > Question regarding setting up a testbed for old browsers (don't ask why, I
> > just have to, ok? :))
> well, you have no reason to qualify it... all developers should have
> browsers for testing, including old ones...
> > MSIE doesn't seem to allow old versions to remain in existence; ie. if you
> > install v2 and v3, you can not actually get v2 to run - even if you click
> > on the .exe it will load the most recent version. This is irritating to say
> > the least, although I can understand why it was probably set up that way.
> > Anyone know a way around this problem?
> this has been asked a bunch of times, and the answer is pretty
> simple... no.
> variations on that answer include having multiple installs of
> windows, with a different browser install for each one, and keeping
> some machines handy with the older browser...  i've even heard
> people suggest using things like VMWare to get the multiple OS
> thing going on...
> > I was going to use Browserola (http://www.codo.com/browserola/), but it's
> > abandonware that you can't buy anymore (damn).
> and it can't reproduce the true experience, only mimic documented
> effects...
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