[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

Karen Bowen KarenB at FrontierSoftware.com.au
Fri Feb 2 04:37:37 CST 2001

I have the same problem at home & completely understand your frustration!
I've tried changing a couple of keys in the registry as Anthony suggested,
but still whenever I try to view-source in IE, nothing happens.

Curious to know, what op. system are you running on?  I'm on Win95 at home &
have never been able to view-source from IE, but am on NT at work & it's
fine here.

Please let me know if you find a solution!

As to the second part of your frustration (that caused by MS's notepad), go
get yourself the latest version of Metapad (http://welcome.to/metapad/) -
notepad on steroids but without the bulk - free, tiny & brilliant.

Change the name of the old notepad.exe in your windows folder, then install
metapad there & change metapad.exe to notepad.exe & Bob's your uncle.


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> Can someone tell me how to use any other text editor than Notepad to 
> view source? I've changed it in explorer's tools menu, and in the 
> folder options. The #^&$ piece of junk keep blighting my life.
> Off-Topic: Who's the brainiac at Microsoft that decided that Notepad 
> cuts it as a text editor? This is one application that could be 
> better written by any first year programmer. Typical Microsoft.

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