[thelist] WYSIWYG editor for XML dummies

John Kershaw john at robinsoncarter.com
Fri Feb 2 04:56:37 CST 2001

>Can anyone suggest a WYSIWYG editor for web novices
>which does not add any new tags or folders to the web structure,
>that can be used for merely taking an existing page, making some
>changes and saving as a new file? Also, if it is
>freeware/donateware/careware, all the better so the corporation doesn't
>have to spend money on it, unless needed.

Can anyone suggest an XML editor for typists?

* validates against DTD
* alerts typist if data is wrong
* allows easy insertion of elements according to DTD

I'm just getting into XML, and have looked at XMLWriter, which is 
fine for me, but I think they'll need something a little more 


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