[thelist] Suggestions for a WYSIWYG editor for a web dummy?

Sabrina Dent, Apperception Ltd. sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Fri Feb 2 05:24:37 CST 2001

Hi Ari...

Actually, FP and DW will work well together. FP is extremely popular simply
because it's an Office product. I really would not suggest trying to fight
the power of the end-user comfort zone and attempting to retrain the mice on
a wheel you happen to like better.

Why not just create a FP web based on your DW template and leave them to it?

Proxy the web to something like http://fp.yourdomain.com and link to the
pages in this web as required.

Sounds like a lot less hassle!

> <tip>If you do not want Microsoft Frontpage to add its proprietary
> coding to every webpage edited in the application, go into the preferences
> and uncheck the selection for preserving existing html. It's a little
> confusing,
> but if the preserve existing html is checked, then it will preserve the
> frontpage
> html and add the annoying code.</tip>


Not if you're using ASP :o) Without "preserve existing HTML" ticked and
therefore ON, FP will eat your code.


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