[thelist] cross-browser problems getting multiple form selections to submit

Fintan Costello (LMI) Fintan.Costello at eei.ericsson.se
Fri Feb 2 07:36:37 CST 2001

Hi folks,

(Matthew, sorry for not saying thanks for this one below :-) )

More problems with the below. Have a look at http://learning.ericsson.net/fintan/course_booking_form.html

In Netscape, no worries, everything submits. In IE, the multiple selections don't submit. I guess they're not getting selected and passed through formmail, but why in IE?

replies via email as well as the list please, I get the digest and I'm getting desperate to fix this :-)


<fintan.costello at eei.ericsson.se>


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Welcome :)

The problem is while your javascript moves the students from one select list to the other, it doesn't select them, so even though you see them in the second list, the value for that field is still "", so your formmail ignores it. To fix it:

Add the following to the bottom of your javascript:

function selectAll(form) {
   for (var i=0; i < form.Students_to_register.length; i++) {
       if (form.Students_to_register.options[i].value != "") {
            form.Students_to_register.options[i].selected = true }

Then change the onClick event for your button "B1" to the following:


Hope that helps.

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