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Fri Feb 2 08:56:37 CST 2001

Sorry - somehow the system clock on my machine got *way* out of line and
thought it was January again.  How embarrassing.

Mea Culpa.

<tip type="Mac configuration">
Let's say that you don't like the little window that shows up when you view
source on IE 5/Mac and you would rather have all of the sexy color coding
you get with BBEdit 6 (or whatever version you have).  No problem.

Open up your preferences panel and go to the 'Recieving Files : File
Helpers' panel.  Click on 'Add'.

You'll need to fill out some stuff

Under 'Representation'
  Description   : View Source  // Just something to call it
  MIME type     : source/html  // this seems to be the important bit

Under 'File Type' 
  File type     : TEXT          //browsing to BBEdit will fill this out
  File creator  : R*ch

Under 'Handling' 
  How to handle  :  View with Application
  Application    :  BBEdit 6    //browse to bbedit

You don't have to re-start.  Look at a web page and hit command-e, and
you'll see the source in BBEdit.

Cool, huh?  

About the only down side is that you'll litter your internet downloads
directory with the all of the source files  you download.  Just go in and
clean it up every once in a while.

I learned about this from the BBEdit-Talk list, which is a great list for
info and help with using BBEdit to get the job done.



bob davis
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> on 2/2/01 3:31 AM, Frank at framar at interlog.com wrote:
>> Can someone tell me how to use any other text editor than Notepad to
>> view source? I've changed it in explorer's tools menu, and in the
>> folder options. The #^&$ piece of junk keep blighting my life.
> I know some people had rigged their NT systems to launch ColdFusion Studio
> (or Homesite) as the application to view source.  As Anthony says, it's a
> registry hack.  
> Here's something that might work:
> http://www.varias.cz/HELP/HTML/html/htmlfaq1.htm#OTHER_EDITOR
> It sounds like it might be a path issue.
> bob
> (obligatory Mac snobbery - this is so simple to do on a Mac.)
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