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Fri Feb 2 09:55:37 CST 2001


I agree that the section heading ought to be linked too... it'd be nice... one 
expects them to be linked, after all.

i like the way you've used the gifs in the nav bar... it adds a degree of 
visual interactivity and interest that the page needs.

The big fat image on the right is one that gets me...my first response to it 
was to click on it - "So tell me how you will be a partner to my company."-kind 
of thought pattern... 

..white-space works because it draws attention to page 
elements... ...unfortunately, here the page elements are so spread out, that 
the white space makes them look smaller, and less important.

The first things i would do here are:
pull the main image up higher. make it link to your section 
Pull the rest of the content in the bottom there higher too... make it all fit 
on a single screen in 800*600... it's not so hard with the amount of stuff on 
this page.
The introductory paragraph is very nice, etc. but what i would suggest is a 
link in the line below it... "how can we be your partner?" or summat like 
that.... ...link it to the same place you link the big fat image.

hope that helps,


> hi.
> love the open space, white-space always worx!
> on the home [page, why not link the text also, and NOT the text in the
> subhead, i.e. "Job Opportunities" - think that is closer to user
> expectations.
> also, why use .gif text in the nav? html is easier to maintain and
> lighterweight, and kewl.
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> I'm planning a total revamp of our corporate web site. I thought I'd ask you
> guys to take a look at it and give your opinions too.
> So... here it is: http://www.trisoft.net
> What do you think? Don't spare the whip :)

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