[thelist] Suggestions for a WYSIWYG editor for a web dummy?

Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Fri Feb 2 10:39:40 CST 2001

No. It's more of a hassle because the web USED TO BE a frontpage web.
Now, there are no frontpage components, as all the forms are coldfusionized
and anything else that used fp components are now dw.

Therefore, since FP components arent being used,
why should other people use it?

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Hi Ari...

Actually, FP and DW will work well together. FP is extremely popular simply
because it's an Office product. I really would not suggest trying to fight
the power of the end-user comfort zone and attempting to retrain the mice on
a wheel you happen to like better.

Why not just create a FP web based on your DW template and leave them to it?

Proxy the web to something like http://fp.yourdomain.com and link to the
pages in this web as required.

Sounds like a lot less hassle!

> <tip>If you do not want Microsoft Frontpage to add its proprietary
> coding to every webpage edited in the application, go into the preferences
> and uncheck the selection for preserving existing html. It's a little
> confusing,
> but if the preserve existing html is checked, then it will preserve the
> frontpage
> html and add the annoying code.</tip>


Not if you're using ASP :o) Without "preserve existing HTML" ticked and
therefore ON, FP will eat your code.


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