[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

mb aux at techno.ca
Fri Feb 2 11:06:39 CST 2001

EditPlus (http://www.editplus.com) is my recommendation.  supafast,
full-featured.  Donwload syntax def'n files for various languages (created
by users, there are over 100 available: HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, Flash 5
Actionscript, Director Lingo..).

I use it to View Source @ home, tho i can't seem to add anything other
Notepad here at work.  Blasted.


#replyto: Herzog, Ari [Ari_Herzog at Instron.com | 2/2/01 10:14 AM]

> Several years ago, I stopped using Notepad and even Wordpad,
> favoring Textpad. See www.textpad.com
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> Subject: [thelist] Killing Note Pad!
> Can someone tell me how to use any other text editor than Notepad to
> view source? I've changed it in explorer's tools menu, and in the
> folder options. The #^&$ piece of junk keep blighting my life.
> Off-Topic: Who's the brainiac at Microsoft that decided that Notepad
> cuts it as a text editor? This is one application that could be
> better written by any first year programmer. Typical Microsoft.

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