[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri Feb 2 11:22:37 CST 2001

The suggestion was made... let's make it a tip:

<tip type="replacing notepad">
If you want to permanently replace notepad (yes, even if you view source in
Internet Explorer), simply replace notepad.exe in the windows folder, winnt
on NT and 200 boxes, with the application of your choice.  You, of course,
will have to rename whichever application you want to use to notepad.exe,
but every association will now be changed to the new app automatically with
no registry changes necessary.


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> > I know some people had rigged their NT systems to launch ColdFusion
> > Studio (or Homesite) as the application to view source.  As Anthony
> > says, it's a registry hack.
> >
> > Here's something that might work:
> > http://www.varias.cz/HELP/HTML/html/htmlfaq1.htm#OTHER_EDITOR
> Unfortunately, versions of IE since that was written make that
> impossible-- you don't get to pick your helper apps anymore (at least, not
> that i've seen).  Certain programs I've used have been able to register
> themselves, most recently Chami.com's HTML-Kit. In the last couple days
> though, I decided that that program is a bit big for the job, so I'm now
> in the same boat as Frank. . . just for the record, I'm on IE 5.0, Win98,
> and my HTML editor is already set to Arachnophilia.  Doesn't make a
> difference; it all still comes up in NotePad.
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