[thelist] Re: thelist digest, Vol 1 #1079 - 27 msgs

Paulette Neal-Allen pnealall at ci.thornton.co.us
Fri Feb 2 12:28:37 CST 2001

Hi Jimmy:

You could call a function from the text link that calls the submit method of the form, like thus:

<a href="javascript:callSubmit()">Your link text here</a>


<script language="javascript">
   return (0);

Original Message:  From: James Raybould <James.Raybould at sabre.com>

> Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a form so that the submit
> button is formatted text rather than an image or the ugly browser
> rendered buttons.

> One of my recent projects is involving the use of 10  + languages and I
> am searching for a way to create formatted "submit" type buttons w/o
> creating a separate image for each language.

> I'm assuming such an answer would be outside the realm of HTML, but
> thought maybe someone knows of a work around using javascript or some
> other method.

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