ASP.NET (was [thelist] Friday Freebie)

Scott Dexter sgd at
Fri Feb 2 15:43:37 CST 2001

> Scott, is that language-dependant (i.e. C#), or available as 
> some sort of
> ASP.NET-only flow control? I would imagine it's part of the 
> language used, and
> not available in all languages available for 

AFAIK, specifically, its part of the VBScripting engine with .NET. C# and
VB.NET also have this structure (I think), but the beauty of .NET is it
doesn't care what language you use; its all compiled into a common run-time

I hope that answers yer kahvestion; I'd hafta do some digging if you want
more details (I've just been reading around the edges, haven't actually
started to play with it yet, I'm gonna wait until Beta2)


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