[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

Lauri Vain optima at hot.ee
Fri Feb 2 17:23:37 CST 2001

> EditPlus (http://www.editplus.com) is my recommendation.  supafast,
> full-featured.  Donwload syntax def'n files for various languages (created
> by users, there are over 100 available: HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, Flash 5
> Actionscript, Director Lingo..).


Some time back I was looking for an alternative for Notepad and I chose Editplus
based on somebody's recommendation. I personally use it to edit everything from
simple HTML and plain text to SQL, PHP and so on. I love the color coding,
regular expressions, replacing text (exact matching or regular expressions) and

I'm not affilated with them in any way, just love it. The registration fee used
to be $10 (I think) but recently it went up to $30 (again, if I'm not mistaken).
There is a free trial version avaiable on www.editplus.com. I have recommended
it to several friends and all of them have ditched the programs they used and
took this as an replacement. Another thing I like - it fires up almost as
instantly as Notepad.

I highly recommend it, download a trial.


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