[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

Brown, Robert Robert.Brown at lot21.com
Fri Feb 2 17:48:37 CST 2001

IF you like BBedit on Mac... especially running GREP patterns

UltrEdit is a nice editor, 

I'm a Mac guy so when I found this program for windows, it made my life
easier when I was in a  situation of working on PC's, its not as good as
BBedit, but what is?

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> EditPlus (http://www.editplus.com) is my recommendation.  supafast,
> full-featured.  Donwload syntax def'n files for various languages (created
> by users, there are over 100 available: HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, Flash 5
> Actionscript, Director Lingo..).


Some time back I was looking for an alternative for Notepad and I chose
based on somebody's recommendation. I personally use it to edit everything
simple HTML and plain text to SQL, PHP and so on. I love the color coding,
regular expressions, replacing text (exact matching or regular expressions)

I'm not affilated with them in any way, just love it. The registration fee
to be $10 (I think) but recently it went up to $30 (again, if I'm not
There is a free trial version avaiable on www.editplus.com. I have
it to several friends and all of them have ditched the programs they used
took this as an replacement. Another thing I like - it fires up almost as
instantly as Notepad.

I highly recommend it, download a trial.


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