[thelist] list upgrades tonite and BAB's

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Feb 2 18:05:38 CST 2001

Hi everyone -

Theres gonna be a bit o' downtime tonite for thelist(10 - 25 minutes). 
You probably won't even notice it, but just wanted to warn ya incase I 
happen to get caught up in a bar or something..

Anyways, both of the mail relays will just be quickly rebooted tonite to 
switch to the new linux kernel, and i'll be adding a third mail relay 
server to the pool as well.. this one is a nice little sparc 5 running 
linux and postfix as well. This latest little bundle of joy brings our 
ever growing family of mail relays up to 3 bright, beautiful, healthy, 
and happy servers! We're just so proud! <heartfeltmoment>..awwwwww!</hfm>

Just to say again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the evolt 
server telethon - its your donations of time/money/spare parts that 
allow everyones questions and answers to be posted so quickly :)

So just keep on posting like normal, but think it not odd if your email 
takes a couple minutes longer to get back to you or a couple posts come 
in wacky order for a while.. Its all under control ;)

But then, why would you be sitting in front of a computer on a swingin 
friday night?!? Go out, strech those tired fingers around a Big Ass 
Beer(BAB) and relax! If you're not into BAB's, try a BAB Light, your 
favorite caffeinated type drink, or a forthy cup of ovaltine ;)
Of course, if you're in part of the world other than the US, you should 
be watching cartoons and eating fruity pebbles or your cereal of choice 
during this time.. er..even if you'r *not* in another part of the world, 
watching cartoons and eating cereal is a pretty tempting alternative as 

At any rate, sorry for any inconvienence.. Have a nice weekend :)

<tip type="simple unix commands">

A while ago, I mentioned how tail -f /var/log/yourlog.log would 
continually the most recent 20 or so lines of your log file. The other 
side of tail is of course head.

The head command will show you the first 10 lines of any text file, and 
is a nice companion to tail. head /var/log/yourlog.log



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