[thelist] Does NN Have Issues With CSS?

Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Fri Feb 2 18:03:39 CST 2001

NN does not respect the C in CSS.

If you want the table centered, then you must use the old-fashioned table 
align="center" or div align="center"

NN has /huge/ issues with CSS and my latest favorite link for playing with 
CSS and testing it's (lack of) support is at http://www.w3schools.com/ -- 
they have a fun little on-line exercise that tells you right away that most 
things won't work.

I also just re-read your post -- you said NN but you're checking in NS 6 
(yes, it used to be Netscape Navigator and now it's Netscape and the 
differences in their behavior warrant different acronyms according to other 
posts I've read).

What DTD are you using? Netscape, in any flavor, will render just the way 
it wants to render. And tomorrow, it might be different -- that's my 
experience anyway. For NS 6 fun with tables, evolt has a great article.

Having fun yet?

At 06:47 PM 2/2/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Very strange problem.
>I have a linked CSS page that has a class named center, which, of all
>things, text-aligns center.
>When I use this code to attempt to center a table in NN 6, nothing happens:
><DIV class="center"><TABLE code blah blah></DIV>

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