[thelist] Editors ..

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Feb 2 18:11:39 CST 2001


Ok ... tell me how to get it to actually show my CSS file that I had
handcoded in there??  And, it can't find my images nor include files ...
<pout>   Everything is handcoded to run off the server, in this case, PWS at
home, then I FTP upload exactly the file structure, etc. to the server.
Right now, when viewing at home, I edit in editplus (notepad) then refresh
browser window which is looking on internal server, set in PWS.

Anyone have any ideas??  How to get Homesite and PWS to work in harmony?


> Where have you been hiding? It's all about Homesite, baby.
> Doesn't mess with your code. Has a very handy way of allowing you to drag
> and drop. All sorts of good things.
> http://www.allaire.com

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