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You need to set your working directory in Homesite.  That's probably
why it can't see your graphics.  You need to map to the server and set
the directory.

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Ok ... tell me how to get it to actually show my CSS file that I had
handcoded in there??  And, it can't find my images nor include files ...
<pout>   Everything is handcoded to run off the server, in this case,
PWS at
home, then I FTP upload exactly the file structure, etc. to the server.
Right now, when viewing at home, I edit in editplus (notepad) then
browser window which is looking on internal server, set in PWS.

Anyone have any ideas??  How to get Homesite and PWS to work in harmony?


> Where have you been hiding? It's all about Homesite, baby.
> Doesn't mess with your code. Has a very handy way of allowing you to
> and drop. All sorts of good things.
> http://www.allaire.com

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