[thelist] Does NN Have Issues With CSS?

Salvatore Palmisano spalmisano at usaiss.com
Fri Feb 2 19:01:39 CST 2001

Thanks, I definitely need to read more of the evolt articles, they're good
stuff. (technical term)

Another NN/N6 quirk I found...I have a page that has a standard anchor tag
link and a VERY CLEAR ending anchor tag, but N6 doesnt seem to like it.  The
next several LINES of text are the link, and not a thing I have found gets
around it.

Granted, I dont expect there to be a clear cut solution to that, but I
decided to vent anyway <g>

Thanks again.

--Salvatore Palmisano
Chief Information Officer
International Security Solutions, Inc.
spalmisano at usaiss.com

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>Sorry about the ambuigity, yes I was referring to N6, not NN6.


:-) I always used to like NN (yeah, well, I've been educated since then),
the newest version, well, it's different.

dex.html -- or poke around evolt.org under code and you'll find the article
on Netscape 6 breaking tables. In a nutshell (sorry for paraphrasing an
excellent author) -- Netscape 6 has trouble with the transitional DTD.

I am currently running NN 4.5 and I don't know how many version 4s there
were before NS 6, but again, evolt.org has every browser you could want
(and a nice, clean download) at evolt.org under browsers.

I hope that helps,

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