[thelist] Editors ..

Philippe J philippejadin2 at swing.be
Sat Feb 3 03:56:37 CST 2001

> Homesite and Hotmetal Pro neither seem to do what I want, though I only
> evaluation versions.  If the program can't process include files or ASP,
> then it isn't much help in design mode for what I'm looking for.

<tip author="Phillippe" type="Scripting">
If you want to preview your script files (asp, php, wathever) without
pushing too much buttons, add a 3 seconds meta refresh tag to your current
html / script (or include it). Edit your script in any editor. Open your
browser and browse to your page.

Each time you'll press ctrl-s in your editor, you'll see the result of the
execution of your script with a simple alt-tab.

Works all the time, doesn't need pretty complex things to be setup, even
don't need that you press "refresh" in your browser.

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