[thelist] save pdf page as .........

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 3 12:30:37 CST 2001

> From: "Lisa Frost" <lisa at koolfish.com>
> I forgot to mention, that the map is too big to fit all on the screen at
> once and that is why I can't take a screen shot. If I reduce the
> magnification of the pdf you can't read the writing.

well, as bob said, you can open PDF files in Photoshop...

however, just to address your assertion about the screen cap... i've 
taken many a screen cap of a web page that doesn't fit on the 
screen thanks to long scrolling content...  all you have to do is cap 
the different parts and put them together... after all, it's what 
Photoshop is really good at...

<tip type="Photoshop">
Need screen captures of a web page (or anything, really) that's too 
big to fit in your screen, or within the window?  Do a screen 
capture, scroll, do another, scroll, do another, etc., until you've 
captured it all.  In Photoshop, just keep pasting each capture into a 
new document.  Resize the document to larger than you think the 
composited image will be and start moving the images on each 
layer to line them up.  The trick here is to use the 'Difference' layer 
blending mode to tell when you've lined up overlapping edges.  If 
where two pieces overlap you see black, it's a match.  If it look like 
some bizarre negative offset version of what you have, you don't 
have a perfect match, so keep nudging the layer until you get it.  
Once you're all set, merge, crop, and save.

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