[thelist] How do they do that?

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Sat Feb 3 17:13:37 CST 2001

Well for this, I use .... lynx.

lynx -dump http://some.url outputs to stdout the code.

About lynx :
<tip author="Eric Cestari" type="lynx">
Get to see headers with lynx :
lynx -head -dump http://some.url


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> > what are you guys doing to get a peek at their style sheet.
> > looking at page source i can see that it is css/Amain.css,
> > but i can't figure out how to view the style sheet.
> In IE, if you put "view-source:" before your URL in the Address bar, it
will open the source of the document in NotePad, instead of opening the
document itself in IE.
> So, since you from looking at the page's source code that the style
sheet's URL is www.dec.org.uk/css/Amain.css, you just put this in the
address bar, hit enter, and peruse the style sheet in NotePad:
>    view-source:http://www.dec.org.uk/css/Amain.css
> Handly little tool.
> --ray

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