[thelist] Project Development Time Lines?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Sat Feb 3 18:07:37 CST 2001

Just curious to know how you quote time-lines, from acceptance to 
delivery for web application development projects. I know it's kind 
of like asking 'how long is a piece of string', but there should be 
some sort of guidelines.

Example: To develop an online address book where the general public 
can add/edit/delete their address for you to lookup, including the 
aministration side, etc... This includes the design and look, the 
HTML, the design of the app, the designa and creation of the DB, the 
implementation of the logic, testing, final cleanup of the logic and 
site, and deployment.

This is a very small app, it doesn't do much, but I wouldn't quote 
anything less than 45 days. My projects seem to go from 45 days, to 
60 days, 90 days, and for big projects like writing a full store with 
100+ features from scratch, a minimum of 180 days.

How do you evaluate and qualify the amount of time that it takes you 
to complete a project? Are you a single developer (wanna date?<g>) or 
are you in charge of/ part of a team?

Frank Marion                      Loofah Communications
frank at loofahcom.com               http://www.loofahcom.com

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