[thelist] Killing Note Pad!

George Dillon george.dillon at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Feb 4 05:23:37 CST 2001

Sorry if this is late - I've been away and my evolt mail currently seems to
have a 10 hour delay!

> Can someone tell me how to use any other text editor than Notepad to
> view source?

miinx has given the answer:

> this fabulous site has a tip on exactly this:
> Windows Registry Guide - Use an Alternate Source Viewer with Internet
> Explorer (Win 9x and NT)  http://registry.winguides.com/display.php/774/

However, if you tweak the 'Edit with' button to your liking you'll find the
View Source becomes redundant, except for those occasions when all you want
to do is *view* that source, in which case Notepad is as good as anything.

For those wishing to alter/add to their 'Edit with' button, look up the
thread(s) in the archives from October with the subject(s) "I E s Edit With
button..." or my tip in the archive from 31 Oct 2000.  (Odd that the thread
was so short at the time, given the responses to this one...;)

Or try this URL (mind the wrap!):


What I can't do with the 'Edit With' button... and here's the challenge...
is get Dreamweaver's logo (or any other app of my choice) to appear in the
toolbar.  Making it the default editor is simple enough (see tip), but only
Word seems able to replace the boring default 'Edit with' logo with its own.
I think it's a system/DDE type thing.  Anyone any ideas?



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