[thelist] border-style; view-source: (was: How do they do that?)

Joe Crawford {From the iBook} jcrawford at avencom.com
Sun Feb 4 12:15:37 CST 2001

Previously written:
> what are you guys doing to get a peek at their style sheet.  looking at page
> source i can see that it is
> css/Amain.css, but i can't figure out how to view the style sheet.
>> It appears that this portion of their style sheet is what's making the red
>> border around the body of the page:
>> BODY {
>> border : 5 solid #990000;
>> border-bottom : 5 solid #990000;
>> border-bottom-width : 5;
>> }

Interestingly, that bit of code fails to validate with the css validator.

I decided to put together a demonstration page because I found it kind of
interesting how it works... I've avoided the box stuff in CSS2 because,
dammit, I work on sites with loads of backwards compatibility. But it's fun
to look at this stuff. Check it out:

As for the view-source: pseudo pseudo-protocol - that was a netscape
innovation. And despite working in Netscape since v3 (or is it 2?) - and
being supported in IE on Windows, apparently IE5 on the Mac doesn't do that.
Which I must admit, pisses me off (or at least disappoints me).

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