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Robert Stewart rob at dieseldesign.com
Tue Feb 6 13:25:37 CST 2001

I used to transfer the files back and forth between the two with out any
problem. All I did was changed the extension accordingly. This was FMpro 4

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Dear All
             I have been asked by my boss to do some database work for him
from home. Because he has an Imac he bought File Maker Pro to do it with.
Unfortunately I work on a PC at home and I can install the program on my
machine but what I need to know is this: if I do some work on my PC and then
either e-mail it to him or put it up on our site for him to download, will
he be able to use it on his machine? I am aware that several Microsoft
products are available for the Mac but I'm not sure if the results from a PC
will be usable on a Mac and vice versa. If this is not the case then he said
he will buy me an Imac to work on, or I could write a program and store the
database on the web, but neither of these situations are ideal. Can anyone
help me out here?



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