[thelist] C|Net's Redesign / Interesting argument...

M. Shane DeVault shane.devault at centurytel.com
Thu Feb 8 08:05:31 CST 2001

You should try it, Mike. It makes those of us who are used to winning all
the time VERY perturbed that Curious George is smarter and faster than we
are! ;-)


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> > Personally, I'd like to see a shift to a more content driven advertising
> > scheme...
>  [bobbit]
> > Then on the ones that couldn't be handled by placement (IE: Hollywood
> > movies), would be blatantly placed and entertaining. (Think
> > "Punch The Palm"or some other game.)
> Exactly - good advertising (I generalise) informs and/or entertains *as
> as* delivering a sales/marketing message. As I said, I think that the
> stage, when we bear in mind *why* most people use the Net, is to deliver
> information. However, entertainment certainly has its place.
> But only, of course, if it *is* entertaining. I don't, for example, have
> desire to punch that bloody monkey...
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