[thelist] CF on Unix... file upload problems...

Judith Taylor judi at frognet.net
Fri Feb 23 09:24:00 CST 2001

The problem you are running into is that the directory does not have write 
access - unless you 'own' the dir you are trying to upload to.

To break it down:
d = directory
drwx = the 'owner' of the directory can read (r), write (w), and execute 
(x) files located here.
r-s = 'group' (roughly translating to others in the same user group) can 
read or execute scripts (s - iirc)
r-x = 'world' (anyone and their brother) can read files and execute

When you are telnetting to the dir, you are basically reading the 
contents...have you tried creating a file while in a telnet session?


walker put into words:

>For some reason my upload utility won't work, and I think it is a 
>permissioning issue, as the file path which is fed to the cffile tag works 
>fine when I telnet to the machine....
>the permissions of the directory I am trying to place files is
>does this look right? I have no idea what account the CFServer is running 
>under, nor do I know what the 's' stands for- (I thought Unix persmissions 
>were only r,w,x)

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