[thelist] Problem with Fireworks & Dreamweaver

Mr Sirio mrsirio at mail.com
Mon Feb 26 05:06:05 CST 2001

Please help me there... i'll be short:

I made an interface with FW4, then i made a new library object on DW4 & i
"insert fireworks html" (the interface) in it, that html is in root dir. &
images in on /img/  dir. under the root, then i made a new page on DW & i
put the object in it... everything works fine if i preview it but if i try
it on browser there's not images, that becouse DW make these links:
../images/index_r1_c1.gif so when i put it on-line, on: the browser look for
images on & not on

Any hint??? Thanx sooo much by now...!
Sirio Magnabosco
mrsirio at mrsirio.com

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