[thelist] design question... looking for feedback

Ryan Mayberry Ryan at applicor.com
Mon Feb 26 16:31:22 CST 2001

I didn't really like either logo. :)
But I don't think this was because of they style or design of the logos, I
just found them to be too large for the page. I think making either logo
smaller and giving it a little more 'space' will increase the effectiveness.


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got a design, with two different logos, and i need some input from 
somebody other than me... these are just photoshop prototypes... 
all images are between 37 and 58k...

using one logo, showing the home page and a content page... 
liquid layout, otherwise relatively simple...


alternate logo, home page and content page... still liquid, of 


feel free to comment on any elements, although i already know i'm 
going to make a few changes...

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