[thelist] CF_ThreeSelectsRelated

Howell, Katie Kathleen.Howell-1 at ksc.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 27 08:12:37 CST 2001

Haven't used this tag, but I have used the similar CF_TwoSelectsRelated.  I
ran into a similar problem using that tag when I had two forms on the same
page.  Could that be the problem?



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Okay, I'm about to give up - this custom tag has completely defeated my
sense of self worth.

I've tried everything I can think of - even tried removing all of the
"customization" features the author included and I still have the same

I've seen numerous posts about this tag on the DFWCFUG - and no one else
seems to encounter problem I have.

I'm using this tag on a TimeCard entry page to help users "navigate" to
Workorder they wish to charge time to.

The intended use is for the first SELECT to display ALL  Clients, the second
SELECT should display ONLY the Projects for the selected CLIENT and the
third should display ONLY the WorkOrders for the selected PROJECT.

If the tag is used WITHOUT the 3 optional attributes EMPTYTEXT1, EMPTYTEXT2
and EMPTYTEXT3 it works fine.  (These are used to display for example:
(Please Select a Client) as the default selected option).

If I include the tags - I receive a JS error of:  Object does not support
this property or method.  The object in question is a variable (NewOpt) and
the JS code refers to the Length property.

I have chopped this tag up many alert("what's my value: " + value);  to try
and determine what exactly is causing the problem.  I have narrowed it down
to the following variables and the authors use thereof


I am begging and/or pleading for anyone with the knowledge to help me with
this problem.

Here is the URL to the custom tag located in the Allaire Developer's


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help...

Dan Slater

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